Green Power



Powder dissolves instantly. Cleans and strips away wax, silicone, flux, coolants, oil, paints, optics, etc. Designed to separate oils and grease for weir bar, oil skimmers and coalescers faster.
Minimizes toxic waste removal. Brightens aluminum, brass and copper. Use cold or hot. SAFE for ALL brands of aqueous parts washers, deburring, ultrasonics, floor scrubbers, pressure and steam cleaners. Low foam and free rinsing. Works in hard, soft and deionized water.
Phosphate free and rust inhibited.


  • Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Degreaser
  • Safe for Use on All Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Surfaces
  • Safe for Oxygen Service Equipment Cleaning
  • Designed for Hand and Mechanical Applications Including
  • High Pressure Washing Separates Oils Fast for Oil Skimming Parts washers


  • Easily Cleans Industrial Oil and Greases with less Labor
  • Will Not Attack Expensive Machinery or Equipment
  • Does Not Dull or Leave Behind a Residue
  • Replaces Acetone, Mek, Mineral Spirits , Trichloroethane, Solvent Based Pre washing Solutions and Other Hazardous Cleaners