Fastening and Assembly Solution Specialist

Easy Guidance to the optimized tightening condition
by built-in self customizing simulation feature

Total 15 tightening presets consist of each 15 key parameters.
This strategy can be extended up to 99 presets with optional ParaMon Touch

Sequance control by managing tightening preset#
& screw number, time delay,Input & Output provides automation
without PLC or sequence control device

Total 15 process sequence managing Models consist of each 10 steps of sequence program capacity.
This feature can be extended up to 99 Models with optional ParaMon Touch.

Synchronized fastening up to 31 tools

ADC provides the synchronized fastening feature up to 31 spindles.

Free PC software ParaMon provides easy parameter setting,
data monitoring & analysis

2 channel realtime curve display for torque,speed,angle.
Torque capability analysis for mean value, standard deviation,CP and CPK.
Auto data output on every event in Modbus protocol.

Specifications of spindle & control drive

ADC control drive

Specifications of spindle & control drive

AD Spindles